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Lincoln University students published their satirical magazine, ' RAM’ for many years.

The proceeds from RAM’s publication went to different causes each year. 

Multiple Sclerosis, Schizophrenia Fellowship, Disabled Skiers & even the Lincoln Kindy benefited from sales, and they were a steal at 50 cents to a dollar to buy. In 1977 it claimed to have a readership of 80,000 in the previous year.

Originally produced in good old-fashioned newsprint, the magazine was hawked on Christchurch streets, even outside high schools, between 1970 into the late 80s, when complaints sadly ended its ribald humour.  

Indeed throughout its lifespan, RAM magazine was shrouded with controversy much to do with its laissez-faire ‘bugger the establishment’ editorial policy. Not that any individual(s) publically owned-up to the content. Nothing was off-limits in its pages, which may account for why it came to a halt.

A lot has changed since the original RAM was in print, with policies in place and content a whole lot different to say the least!

RAM provides a voice for Lincoln students that is independent of the University. It looks after students' rights and publishes their opinions, concerns, and creative talents. RAM is for students, by students.

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